Eilat is Israel’s most southern city situated between Egypt and Jordan. Many cities claim to have perfect weather but, to me, Eilat really has the perfect weather. I’ve never been to it when it is not sunny, and the temperature is always warm ranging 20 to 40 + degrees all year round. As Eilat is also at the south end of the Negev desert it is a dry heat, and doesn’t get much rain. In other words you can pretty much enjoy Eilat all year round!

Eilat is surrounded by some pretty geography but the main attraction of it is the Red Sea. The Red Sea is the northernmost tropical sea with over 200 soft, and hard corals. It averages 22 degrees all year round making it also one the warmest seas in the world. And who doesn’t like to swim in warm water!

Under water or above it – you will be rewarded.

Now, I prefer to free dive or snorkel but this will apply to diving as well.  You can go diving at all the spots I will recommend but the thing is there just no point. Unless you been to Eilat before, don’t bring your own equipment, and do take a certified guide to take you more into the ‘secret spots’ that are farther out.  The best spots for underwater activities are on highway 90 towards the Egyptian border; about a 10 min drive from the center of Eilat.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach Natural Reserve is a paid gated park area that I highly suggest to get to early in the day. Eilat is a super hot place and you want to grab a spot with shade so you can enjoy this place as long as possible. It is also one of the only place with life guards watching over. You can rent or buy gear, and there are washrooms with showers. It costs 35 shekels per adult, and 21 shekels per child.

There are not as many places to explore here but plenty to see. You can’t go to far out into the Red Sea because it is blocked off but I do encourage you to swim out a little. This location is probably my favourite place to search for different coral protrusions, and zoantharias.

A little farther down is the Underwater Observatory Park so the area is very protected, and this is the best direction to swim to if you want to lose the crowds.

Princess Beach

Princess Beach is about a 3 min drive farther from Coral Beach, and you know you have gone too far when you see the Egyptian border. Parking here is hard and you can use the lot of the closed Princess Hotel across the street. This area doesn’t have life guards, and a few shades spots, but it is free – if you don’t get a parking ticket! (you probably won’t).

The bridges over the reefs and into the Red Sea have tons of fish hanging out under them. It is such a cool spot to view them but be careful as people love to jump off them.

Princess Beach is my favourite place to snorkel in Israel, by far. I find in this area, for some reason, the variety of marine life is greater. I have spent hours upon hours in exploring this area, and it is a blast. When you swim out from the bridges you will pretty much have the Red Sea to yourself – no crowds just you, and the sea.  Swimming towards the Egyptian border is my favourite area to wonder.


I found the big difference between Coral Beach, and the Princess Beach is that the water currents, and waves are stronger at the Coral Beach. You will be fine at either place as the Red Seas for the most part doesn’t get to stormy. It is a perfect place to for all levels of experience. I find the most unique part of spending time in the water in Eilat is that the marine life doesn’t swim away from you so you can really enjoy what you see.

If you have time to check out only one of the above places I would recommend Princess Beach if you are more adventurous but if you want more structure, and not spend as much time in the water then Coral Breach would be my pick.


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