My name is Kirk Lubimov, I was born in Russia, grew up in Israel, and for the past 18+ years Canada has been home. Moving 3 countries, speaking multiple languages means travel, and adventure is woven into me.

I started my first business at 19, been a 3x entrepreneur, and since then it has been a great ride that led me to work with some amazing people, and some of the best brands from around the world.

99.9% of my adventures are with my better half Amie (who makes the best egg benedicts ever), and our Newfoundland Moshe who will test all the dog friendly places (

Our family has grown with the addition of Lyla. Consequently, whenever possible, family friendly choices will come first. We strong believers in the importance of travelling, and learning through experience with kids.

The focus of this blog is on lifestyle, travel and, of course, dog friendly stuff. I believe in showing you places, things to do with full transparency, and authenticity. All the posts are ‘been there done that’ and must pass our criteria.

Here you will find complete details, experiences, and all the information you will need for many destinations, and adventures.

I hope Kirk’s Guide inspires you, helps you discover something new, and enriches your life. If you would like to collaborate, have any ideas or suggestions please let me know – I would love to hear from you!

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