I can’t tell you the countless times I have driven through Revelstoke, and everytime I have always been at awe at the beautiful location it calls home. Seating on the banks of Columbia River and surrounded by neck cranking mountains; it is a place I just had to explore – and I am glad that I did!

Probably one of the best parts of being in nature in Revelsoke is how pristine it is, and because it is not by a large population it is also not overly crowded.

One of the things I love to do most is ‘chasing’ waterfalls. I found 3 easily accessible waterfalls for those who want a Revelstoke appetizer, and ones you should stop by if you are driving through.

Moses Falls

Just 8km North from Revelstoke – take a right from the set of lights right after the bridge going West on Highway 1 (or left if driving into Revelstoke heading East). They are easy to get to but hard to find the parking spot. It is a pretty much unmakred field on the right.

Once you park though, you will see a trail going through the bushes, and down the hill – follow it and you will see (and hear) the falls shortly. You can also make it to river if you keep exploring.

Moses Falls is a pretty roaring waterfall that you can get right to as close you want. Great few pools to play in for the kids or dogs. There are a few impressive cascades, and nature to explore by if you planning to make it down to river.  All in all you can visit this fall in under 30 min from Revelstoke, and back which is pretty rewarding I say!

Sutherland Falls

About a 25 min drive South from Revelstoke (17km) on Highway 23, and located in the Blanket Creek Provincial Park. There is great signage once you get into the Park, with good amount of parking. It’s just a 5 min walk to it.

Blanket Creek Provincial Park has a campground, and is right on the Columbia River. If you looking for camping spot that would be a good choice.

Sutherland Falls is a pretty glorious waterfall in a very picturesque setting as it roars out of the caynon. For those who are a little more adventurous you can climb carefully the hill on the side of the fall for a top view and a peak into the canyon – just be smart about it.


Begbie Falls

I discovered this Begbie Falls by mistake driving back to Revelstoke from Sutherland Falls. The signage for it is as bad as it gets.

There are 2 options for this waterfall: you can drive right to it, and just walk down the hill or hike to it. We did the hike (because I didn’t know you could drive to it). The hike is a fairly easy 5km round-trip that we enjoyed very much; should take 1.5 hours. This is a very active wildlife area – we saw a moose, and bear poop : |

If you are driving follow Mt Begbie Rd towards the recreation area. It will be a manageable dirt road to a parking area. It felt like it was half way between Sutherland Falls and Revelstoke. Out of the 3 this is the most physically demanding to get to but still a very easy waterfall to get to.

I hope you enjoy these waterfalls as much I did!

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