It’s Dirty

The big cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the most part, the touristy areas, are fairly well looked after. Treasure places like the Dead Sea however, are littered with plastic cups around the shore line. So disappointed by that.

Israel is a small place with a growing population and also a fast growing tourism destination. Any amount of garbage discarded adds up quickly. It would be also nice for locals not to just throw cigarette butts all over the place.

There are a few hotels in Israel that are all inclusive style; all your meal and drinks are included. If you like clean and quieter hotels than I would not recommend them. I checked out a couple and there is nothing relaxing or enjoyable about them.


Partially what makes this country so great is the energy, the vibe. It’s hard to explain. If you are from the Western World (North America, Europe) you will most likely find Israelis direct, pushy and maybe even rude. They don’t mean it, it just the way things are. I always describe Israel is one big family, with a little craziness. Also forget about personal space.

They are friendly and always willing to help. Don’t be afraid to approach people and ask for directions or for any help you may need. Like any where, exercise common sense.

You can’t mention Israelis without mentioning parties. They are always up to have fun and there are tons of different festivals to do so at. You got to be a night owl because the fun starts late and stretches into the morning!

Driving in Israel

Let’s just say it’s an experience haha. If you are driving in the big cities like Tel Aviv or Jerusalem no inch is wasted, even when you park. Talking about parking; the curbs have different paint that mean different parking regulations. Make sure to know what they are so you won’t get ticketed.

Road tripping Israel is something I highly recommend, especially if it is your first visit. Getting around Israel in a car is very easy. The roads are pretty good and it is a small country after all! Just make sure you know where you going. Even though it is fairly safe for obvious reasons you don’t want to drive into the wrong territories.

If you are going to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem first from the airport then I do not recommend renting a car at the airport. There are really good trains from the airport that can you take to main areas. Renting a car from the airport has additional fees to it: $35US. Israel is one of those countries that requires mandatory insurance, so the quote you get for your car at Expedia or wherever that say “all fees are included” isn’t true. Expect to pay close to $20US/day extra on top of the quoted rental price. Also stay away from Budget Car Rental at the Tel Aviv airport – I have never seen a worse customer services and they try to up-sell you on everything; including additional insurances you don’t need.


You would be surprised at the what you find here; mountains, desert, forests, canyons, beaches, etc. Most people visiting Israel probably don’t even realize the diversity. Granted, unless you been to the country a number of times you won’t really have much time to go out on anything too adventurers. If you do just remember it is still in the Middle East and it is hot, so carry lot’s of water and cover your self from the sun.

As you walk in old Jerusalem or Yafo keep in mind the you are walking between walls and on pathways that have been there for over 2,00 years! Archaeological discoveries are still yielding new finding of old Jewish settlements dating back even more. Truly remarkable!

The Food

I’m just going to say it right now: Israel has the best food! Being the leader in agricultural technology makes the ingredients as fresh as they get. The cuisine has roots right across the region, including; Middle East, North Africa, and from the Mediterranean.

If you are AirBnb-ing make sure to stock up the markets that will have some of the juiciest fruits you will ever eat! Prices are reasonable and don’t for get to haggle. Make sure to visit the markets in Yafo no matter what.

If you like fancy restaurants you will be in good hands as well. The influx of European immigrants has brought gastronomic influences that will make you drool.

You can not leave Israel before you try the Shakshuka!

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