Sarrail Ridge has probably one of the best views in Alberta considering how accessible the hike is. In a way, it reminds me of St Mark’s Summit views of the Howe Sound in Vancouver or as close as you can get to it in Alberta. I am a sucker for vast water, and mountain views and Sarrail Ridge has them both. This hike should be on everyone’s to do list.

Getting There

The trailhead is rather easy to find as it leaves from the popular Upper Kananaskis day use parking lot. From Highway 1 take Highway 40 south aka Kananaskis Trail to 742 and you can follow the sign to the lot. The location of the parking is well marked on Google maps, including the trailhead which appears under Rawson Lake.

The Hike

The trail starts from the parking lot, and goes into the woods on a nice wide path. You will have the Upper Kananaskis Lake on your right until you come across the beautiful Turret Falls. Shortly after you will lose sight of the lake, and make your way up to Rawson Lake.

Turret falls, Kananaskis, Alberta, Kirk Lubimov

The best part of this hike as far as hikes go is that it warms up with easy gradual elevation over the distance. The route to Rawson Lake has beautiful flora, and nicely wooded. A very nice lush trail.

Rawson Lake is situated at the feet of towering mountains which makes it a stunning location in all weather patterns, and for a picnic.

The path continues clockwise to the hard part of the hike, and the remaining elevation to Sarrail Ridge. It’s a steep climb up with a few ropes placed for assistance. This section becomes very slippery when wet, and you can expect to get dirty. I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s snowy or overly wet for novice hikers.

While it is a grind it is a short one and definitely worth it for this view!

You can climb up to the little mount on the ridge and go back down that way as well but I will not recommend it. It is better and safer for all people to hike back down the exact way you came up.

Most summers there is a bear that loves to hang up there so make sure you are bear aware and don’t leave anything behind.

Distance: 11.5 km.

Elevation: Most online places like alltrail says 1000+ but we had it around 900m.

Difficulty: 5-6 hours. Can be done closer to 4 if it isn’t muddy.

Difficulty: Medium to Hard but very doable.

Season: June to November.

Dog Friendly: Yes. The lake, and a stream gives plenty of spots for water.


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