Let me start by saying it is not in Longview, Alberta but a 30 min drive into the mountains from it. For some reason, it is referred to it like that. It is also more commonly referred to as just Titan Falls and appears as such on Google Maps. But there is nothing common about this hike because it is probably one of the least hiked waterfalls in this part of the woods.

Fair warning: you will have to cross Cataract Creek. The nature on the other side is worth it!

Getting There

From Calgary you either go to Highway 1 and down to Highway 40 or down to Longview and West on Highway 541 which is essentially Highway 40. Depending on where you are in the City it might be quicker one way or another. From Banff it’s just Highway 1 East to Highway 40 south. Exit on Highway 940 which turns into Range Road 52A until you reach Cataract Creek Campground. Use the parking right outside it.

Titan Falls, Alberta, Kirk Lubimov

The Hike

From parking go into the campground to Loop A, and by site 27 there is a path into the meadow with Cataract Creek flowing right by. There isn’t a best spot to cross the river. It is a little shallower down a short distance but it is wider. Just cross where ever you feel safe. The rocks at the bottom of Cataract are very slippery, and I wouldn’t recommend crossing it barefooted.

The other side of Cataract Creek is a beautiful flowery, luscious meadow that you will be following the creek down on. The path is overgrown at times which makes it hard to follow but just remember to go on to the same direction as the creek and you won’t be going far away from it.

Summer time, mid July or so, this meadow is full of beautiful wild flowers, and the most butterflies I have ever seen! It is probably the richest wild flower area I have been to in Alberta outside Waterton Park. I would comeback just to photograph butterflies, and apparently the birding in area is pretty good as well.

The path continues down into a little ravine, and turns into a proper trail as you enter the woods. It is a well pressed trail that is obviously frequently travelled by wildlife as well. After a couple kilometers you will start hearing the sound of the waterfalls, and come up to the lookout of Titan Falls with Hercules hidden right above it.

Titan Falls, Alberta, Kirk Lubimov

If you are an experienced explorer you can continue past the lookout point and down to the water. You won’t have a clear sight of the waterfalls unless you cross the water which you should not do. The water is cold, and the current is strong. There are a few dipping spots, however.

The trail continues on to a weeping wall which isn’t weeping very much but on the way it crosses a mossy oasis that is easily to overlook. You will see a little stream trickling down towards what is now a canyon. If you go just a little farther on the trail, and bushwhack down a little from the cliff you can get to another beautiful secret waterfall. Discovering places like this is what hiking is all about!


I would say exploring the waterfall above is worth hiking the extra one kilometer or so from the Titan Falls but going farther to the weeping wall isn’t. I would actually try to explore up the mossy creek next time, and see what’s up there. If you do please let me know!

Distance: 10km round trip to the secret waterfall.

Elevation: Barely any.

Difficulty: Easy. If you are ok with the distance, and crossing the Cataract Creek then it is a great introduction hike.

Time: 4-5 hours.

Season: Mind May to December. The area is used for snowshoeing as well.

Dog Friendly: Yes.

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