At the top of a spectacular views category’s list has to be a beautiful mountain range with lakes in between (preferably topped with some snow). Right next to it, however, are the views of a turquoise lagoon surrounding a tropical island – This is what the Raemaru Mountain Hike is. It gives you beautiful vistas of Rarotonga, Cook Islands including other mountains, and the ocean.

The Raemaru mountain is not the highest mountain on Rarotonga but nonetheless it is a perfect hike for everyone. but there is a little catch at the end for the extra adventurers.

Getting There

As Rarotonga has only one main road that goes in a circle it will be hard for you to get lost. The turnoff is right after Rarotonga Backpackers on the West side of the island. If you see Muanu Sunset place then you just missed the turn.

You will see this sign followed by another one a tree. There will be no official parking spot, but there is a good a mount of cleared land that you can park on.

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Fitness Level

This is a great welcoming hike for all skill levels. Actually I would say, everyone would be lucky to do it as it is a very rewarding hike for the effort. It is on a tropical island though, so you have to remember if it rains (depends on the season), it will make the hike much harder, and more challenging.

Don’t forget to pack lot’s of water as the humidity will make you sweat!

The Raemaru Mountain Hike

Once you parked you car, the hike starts on by going to the left, and up. It is fairly easy to follow, but in some dense areas that you will step out for a view it will take you a second to remember which route is back. The panoramic views are breath taking, so bring your camera!

It is almost ridge like steady climb uphill with nothing to strenuous, with lot’s of views from both side. The ground is almost dirt like clay that can get very slippery with moisture so look up the forecast and take your time.

There is no scary wildlife so you don’t have to worry about. There are lot’s of beautiful butterflies, and flora so I do recommend taking your time exploring the environment you are in.

If it rains, don’t worry you will have a few places to take cover.

At the beginning of the article I said there is a little catch at the end… The path leads a about a 30 foot rock climb. Are you scared of heights? 🙂 If it is slippery, and wet I would’t recommend to attempt it unless you are experienced. The rock face has bolted in steps, and ropes; if you can suppourt your own body weight then go on!

The top is a big, flat, and dense table top with 360 degree views. A perfect place for a picnic enjoying the fruits of your labour!


Height: 357 meters above sea level.

Time: About 4 -5 hour round trip. If it doesn’t rain, and you don’t climb to the top it might be faster. But you should!

If you are reading this as a part of your research on Rarotonga for an upcoming trip, here is Introduction To Rarotonga.


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