Spending two weeks on Rarotonga gave us lots of opportunity to eat all over the island, and eat we did (I think the extra weight helped me float while snorkeling). When traveling to an island some people think you will have to give up some luxuries in the food department, I am happy to announce it is not true in Rarotonga – for the most part.

Rarotonga is known for special local dishes, fresh fruit, and fresh seafood that is caught daily. The Kikau Hut Restaurant has it all and more.

Kikau Hut offers fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere with freshly caught options. The menu consists of local favourites and a world taste. The liquor and cocktail menu is also one of the best I have seen on Rarotonga; from wines to a Cosmopolitan and a few local brewed beers.

I quickly noticed that a number of the items on the menu are named after people. I asked Gordon (the owner) what is the relation behind it. Gordon explained that the items are named after people in the community that are still with us or have passed on but made a contribution. It is a way to honour them. I think that makes Kikau Hut extra special – maybe even makes the food taste better. In a place like Rarotonga it is important to participate and contribute to the community, that’s what makes it so great.

We started with the classic Crumbed Camembert cheese. It is served with sweet onion jam and paired perfectly with a bottle of white wine.

Kikau Hut, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Travel, Food

For our entrees we had the Rarotonga styled fish, Curry Vegetables Kikau Style, and the Pasta Divine – fettuccine in creamy garlic, basil pesto and white wine sauce is definitely divine.

Here is the Rarotonga styled fish which was a freshly caught tuna and fresh delicious fruit salsa. If this doesn’t say a tropical paradise I don’t know what does.

Kikau Hut, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Travel, Food

The Curry Kikau style was some of the best curry dish I have had in a while. Well, Amie ordered it. I just sampled as much as she would let me 🙂

It came with a home made chili paste that had a pretty good kick to eat for you spice lovers.

Kikau Hut, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Travel, Food

That day we were talking about wontons and dumplings all day for some reason. Especially the dessert ones. I couldn’t even remember the last time I have had dessert wontons. To our surprise it was on Kikau Hut’s menu! They were so good I would fly back to Rarotonga just for them!

Kikau Hut, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Travel, Food

On Monday and Saturday Kikau Hut has live music. We were lucky enough to be there on Monday and music was perfect to set the mood. It was a 2 local artists that performed all the favorites with their own sounds. The harmony of their voices was so nicely matched it was hard to leave. If you also looking to relax over a bottle of wine with some entertainment I would definitely recommend it.

The wonderful service, the rich menu (including vegetarian options), and the atmosphere made Kikau Hut get our unanimous vote for the best restaurant in Rarotonga.  I actually really like venue as well; with seating options inside or garden along with tastefully displayed local art.

It is not a surprise Kikau Hut has many repeat customers, count us as one of them.

Bon Appetit!


Cuisine: Local, World Taste

Dress Code: Casual, evening wear

Reservations: Recommended


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