I have to admit, selfishly I wish this hike was not so well known but it is. What is not well known is that you can do the Quarry Rock hike 365 days a year. It has such a beautiful panoramic view that I didn’t want to leave – I really connected with the place; it is such a great spot to just relax and think. It is also gorgeous.

Quarry Rock hike is a very easy hike, in-fact it won’t be wrong to say it is just a walk in the woods that leads to a spectacular view. It is, however, part of the 50 km Baden-Powell trail that goes across the North Shore and all the way to Horseshoe Bay. So don’t forget to turn around lol.

Let’s get you to this view.

Just to left of Deep Cove Village there the Panorama Park parking lot (park here) and walk north along Panorama Drive. On the left side of the Drive you will see a Baden-Powell Trail sign a staircase into the woods, that is the start of the hike. It is literally located by someone’s drive way – lucky them!

The woods have some beautiful scenery and landscape as well.  There are some beautiful ravines, creeks and a few minutes past the Cove Creek bridge (on your right) there is a massive Douglas Fir tree estimated to be over 600 years old.

I took my favourite photo there:

The trail is wide and rooty but in many spots are laid with a wooden path. Most of the 100 M elevation is at the beginning of the trail and leveling off until the very short uphill to the Quarry Rock. The view is of Deep Cove and Indian Arm which is a 20 KM glacial fjord that was formed during the last ice age.

It is best to do the Quarry Rock hike as early as possible; it has a beautiful sunrise but also gets very packed. Being only a 20 min drive from Vancouver means it is a super busy hike especially in the summer months and the community of Deep Cove is very small – one road in, one road out. 

Make sure you check out the shops while you there and get the delicious donuts!


Round trip: 3.8 KM

Elevation: 100M

Difficulty level: It will be easy for everyone.

Dog Friendly: Very!

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