Waterfall chasing is fun. There is just something about them that is so majestic that everyone loves. The Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls are special – but also tricky. The Falls is the tallest waterfall between the Rockies & Appalachians. To see them at their full roar, however, is best only after a strong rainfall – otherwise you may not see a waterfall at all.

Getting Started

If you are floating down the Buffalo National River you can pull over and it is about a half a mile stroll to the Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls.

The full hike is actually quite beautiful and I think everyone should do. Arkansas’s slogan is The Natural State and you will definitely see the best of Arkansas’s nature on this trail.

The Hike

Starting at the Compton Trailhead it is pretty much all downhill to the Falls. Getting to it is a breeze but take your time – there is so much to see! The trail has multiple streams and smaller falls all along it – in fact, The Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls is just the icing on the cake at the end.

If you took my advice and going to do the hike a day after a good rainfall the ground will also be very slippery and muddy – so take your time to be safe as well.

The rain makes this whole hike come alive. Streams will be flowing and the smaller waterfalls will be there to explore and explore you should! Go off the path up the creeks, little streams and explore their beauty. There will be some great quiet spots for a snack as well.

Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls, Arkansas, hike, Kirk Lubimov

Once you make it down; the Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls has inviting grand foyer like setting with plenty of places to sit, be in awe and play in the small pools.

Don’t be afraid, come close to the Falls and there is even a little cave behind it. But if the falls are flowing strong just remember the water is falling 209 feet (64 meters) so it can easily hurt you or take you off your feet.

The hike back is what makes this hike moderate to hard difficulty level – All up hill. Take your time as the trail will be muddy, slippery and you will be tired.

It is a well traveled hike with some signage. You can also do it 365 days a year which makes it even better!

Distance: 5.5 Miles round trip.

Elevation Gain: 1400 feet.

Difficulty: Medium to hard. Wear waterproof hiking boots.

Time: 5 – 6 hours.

Season: All year round but best the day after a rainfall.

Dog Friendly: Yes. It is a difficult uphill climb so make sure your puppy is well seasoned hiker with no joint issues.

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