This hike was on my bucket list for a long time before I completed it. Not sure why but I found it intimidating. The length, and elevation seemed daunting but they go by very quick.

If you have a few good hikes under your belt then make sure to add this hike to your to do list. You have seen the photos, and it’s as gorgeous in the real world.

For some reason Mount Smoutwood trail became a popular larch season hike. If your main reason is to see laches then there are much better hikes for that than this one.

Getting There

Located kind of in the middle, and just off the highway 742 aka the Smith Dorian Trail. Take the turn off at Mt Engadine Lodge, and keep driving a short ways. At the fork a right will take you to Tent Ridge hike, and left will take you to Smutwood. You will most likely not have reception here.

The Hike

From the parking the hike is rather flat, and takes you through a wooded area which will eventually will open up to a beautiful alpine meadow with the Commonwealth Creek. You will knock the first 6km here pretty easily. There is nothing technical about this section. It feels more like a long walk in the park. You will also pass by a pretty little waterfall.

Coming out of this meadow is where the work starts. Smuts Pass; going to the right, and uphill. Prepare for a good leg workout, and some big breaths. As you climb up to the rocky trail in the final section to the Pass you can look back at the meadow you just walked through. The view is spectacular!


Soon enough you will get up to a ridge with the views of the bowl between Mount Birdwood, Mount Smuts, and Mount Smutwood – your destination in the middle.

Take a left around the bowl, which will lead you to the ascent for Mount Smutwood.  This is where you will encounter the second part of your elevation on this hike. The views of the mountains behind are beautiful. This is a very scenic hike.

The final climb isn’t too technical it just can be crowded so be careful kicking rocks down as there will be people sitting below. It will take you about an hour, and 1.5km to get to the true summit. Many don’t go all the way you so don’t worry about pushing it to the top. Go by how you feel.


Please note: this hike can get muddy at the beginning, and you are exposed to the elements when you come out of the meadow. Double check the weather before you head out. Always expect wind – we had some super strong freezing gusts. Pack layers, and enjoy!


Distance: We had it at about 21km.

Elevation: 965M.

Difficulty: Hard.

Time: 6 hours should be enough but plan on a full day.

Season: Mid May – October. Double check the weather if you are planning in the early or late season.

Dog Friendly: The avid hiker ones. Was actually surprised to see so many dogs on this trail.

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