There are three main ways to get to Jasper. Depending on where you are coming from, this article will focus on taking Highway 93 north from Highway 1, also known as the Icefields Parkway. If this is the road you will take to or from Jasper, and you like waterfalls then you are in for a treat.

Tangle Creek Falls

This is a rather beautiful waterfall cascading over a number of levels. This is probably my most favourite waterfall on this list, and around Alberta because it is so accessible, and fun to explore. I like to get as close to waterfalls as possible.

If you want to explore it you can climb to the different levels from the left or the right side of it. I found the right side to be the easier side but the left side offers some better photography view points.

Tangle Creek Falls are located a short drive past the Columbia Icefield Skywalk with parking located across the road (if you driving north).

Sunwapta Falls

Most definitely an iconic spot around Jasper. Sunwapta is a beautiful, and a powerful waterfall. There is a viewing bridge over the canyon to really take the view in. As it flows into a canyon, the area is well fenced in.

There are also the Lower Sunwapta Falls that are worth exploring if you want to burn some energy, and stretch your legs. I would say it’s worth doing once. The hike is about a 3km roundtrip with minimal elevation through a floral forest on one side, with glimpses of the canyon on the other.

Sunwapta Falls area gets really busy. During the peak season it will be almost impossible to get parking but you can park just by the turnoff if you don’t mind a walk. Sunwapta Falls turnoff is well marked, and located about two-thirds of your way to Jasper after passing David Thompson Highway.

Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls is another spectacular waterfalls that showcases the might of the Athabasca River. There is more to this area than a waterfall though. If canyons, and geology is your thing then you will really enjoy exploring this area. The colour contrasts between the Athabasca River, woods, and the limestone is what really made this area stand out for me.

The parking here is plentiful, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem finding a spot. Athabasca Falls is just a short drive up from Sunwapta Falls, and is well marked.

Just remember the mist from waterfalls makes everything very slippery so don’t climb into dangerous spots for a photo! Enjoy!

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