Let me first start by saying I am a big fan of small plates that you share type of dining. It is a trend of only a couple decades old in the Western’s world cuisine scene, but around the world it has been a fundamental staple in many cultures; Meze, Tapas, Banchan, Zakuski, Antipasti, etc.

Food has been historically a social gathering and not just for the sake of eating. It is a time of entertainment, good conversation, conviviality and relationship – which is why I like small plates/shared.

The Palomar is that kind of place.

We started with the Kubaneh, a Yemeni pot baked bread served with tahini & velvet tomatoes dips – and so should you. A staple at The Palomar.

After that there was no method to our madness. The menu is so delicious we just kept pointing and ordering.  For greens we went with Fattoush Salad then proceeded with the Shakshukit, Octo-Hummus, and Papa Yoav’s Amba Pickled Okra – because why not. All rich in flavor inspired by traditional culinary melting pot from around the Mediterranean and the Levant.

The Palomar is the only restaurant with this type of cuisine genre that met all of our criteria (in London), including: food quality, service, wine selection, atmosphere, venue, and would we come back here again? Yes!

But we need to talk about the Shakshukit:  deconstructed kebab with minced beef & lamb, yogurt, tahini, cured lemon, and harissa. The rich fire and authentic flavours, got me reminiscing about my time in that part of the world. You must order the Shakshukit! I could have probably kept ordering it until I would have gotten kicked out.

We paired our meal with a glass of red wine from a purposefully selected menu, and before moving on to a dessert we asked the barman to make a drink of his recommendation. He made a ginger based cocktail to cleanse the palate. Rightfully so. Amie enjoyed it:

For dessert we shared the Malabi that was freshly made right behind us.

Have I mentioned the staff is fantastic as well??

Cuisine: Modern day Jerusalem, influenced by the rich cultures of Southern Spain and Italy, North Africa and the Levant.

Dress Code: Casual

Reservations: If there are 2 of you I would highly recommend seating at the Kitchen Bar with reservations at noon and 5:30 pm only. Open to walk-ins and it is a very popular place.

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