1. Easy to get around

London’s underground tube system is fantastic and can get you anywhere you want to go. It is also pretty straight forward to navigate. For public transit get an Oyster Card; a pre loaded transit pass that will save you time and money – just tap and go. We ordered ours online, loaded it with 30 pounds each, and it was plenty for our week long stay. It arrived in our mailbox before we departed Canada.

London is also a fantastic walking city. We clocked in ~12.5km in one day! Every street has its own charm, its own feature. What better way to discover a city than walking it? Between walking and the Tube I have never actually even been on the iconic double deckers

  1. Architecture

One of the reasons you should walk London is its architecture. Because of its age, London’s architecture is like dendrochronology, the scientific method of dating tree rings(your new scrabble winning word, welcome). The influence comes from centuries of history; Roman to Anglo-Saxons, Tudors, Art Deco to Modern. The contrast between the new and the old is breathtaking. For those of us who are not surrounded by historic buildings all the time; the timeless workmanship, craftsmanship, Stonemason ship is none replicable and will leave you at awe.

Tell me this is not amazing view!

  1. Museums and Art Galleries

Would you like to see priceless collections of history, science and art –for FREE?? National History Museum, Science Museum, and The National Gallery are all free to enter. We have spent about 4 hours at each and prepare to do the same. Like to draw? Grab your sketch book and join others at The National Gallery practicing among legends.

If you travel with your kids; the National History Museum, and The Science Museum will be their new favourite spots. It is a playground for adults and kids alike with hands-on activities and unique exhibitions.

  1. Street performers

There is no act you can’t find on the streets of London. Fire breathing, sword swallowing, painters, musicians and they are all so good! I think street performers are important to tourism, and to a city’s culture. It is fun and adds unique ‘flavour’.

  1. Food

Don’t get me started! London has the best Indian food in the world for starters. Think of a cuisine it has it, think of a dining experience it has it. Want a caviar restaurant? Custom Chocolates? Why not try one out of the 72 Michelin Star restaurants London has. Every taste bud will be satisfied in London. While walking around we came across some amazing Middle Eastern street food. Even though we ate no longer than 5 minutes before, the smell of shawarma and Greek cuisine made my belly growls again.

You can’t visit London and not go for Afternoon Tea – My review of The Ritz London. Some restaurants book months in advance, research what you want to try and book ahead.

Can’t wait to comeback!

P.S. Go see The Book of Mormon.


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